Rave Music & its Benefits

//Rave Music & its Benefits

Rave Music & its Benefits

Sadly, a lot of people are quick to dismiss rave music as just loud noise, and they’ll likely associate it with a certain hedonistic image you’ll see in media. What they don’t know is that in doing so, they completely miss all the benefits of rave music. Humans have a good relationship with music for a reason, after all, and it’s safe to say that rave music falls under that same umbrella.

Rave music so much more than partying, and today we’re going to take a look at a few reasons why a healthy dose of rave music is good for you.

An Emotional Outlet

When people attend festivals or clubs to dance to rave music, they’re doing it for many reasons. For one, it serves as an emotional outlet, a way to feel good, a form of escapism. When you dance, you dance away all the stress and rigors of the daily life waiting for you back home. All of your focus is on the music and the way you react to it- all of your troubles are forgotten. Thanks to rave music being so fast-paced and high-energy, it recharges you, pumps you up, and teaches you to become more alert. Because of our bodies reacting to music and releasing the happy neurotransmitters, serotonin, and dopamine, the mood gets boosted and your self-image gets better.

Ups Your Exercise Game

Being fit is part and parcel of being healthy and happy (thank you, endorphins!) and people love working out to fast-paced rave music- in fact, some folks even find it hard to work out properly without their favorite tracks to fuel their activities. There is some serious energy to be found in the fast and frantic nature of rave music, and that energy helps pump you up when you work out. Even the most hesitant gym-goers are made more enthusiastic to hit the weights when they have the right music playing. Your body learns to handle fatigue a little better.

Creative Expression

Rave music can be a great form of creative expression. Anyone with the passion and drive can set out to learn and improve upon their craft, and that isn’t any different with creating and spinning rave music. It’s a healthy way to release one’s stress, to train one’s focus and discipline, to foster one’s sense of musical aesthetics, and to share one’s experiences for like-minded people to enjoy. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many people want to become rave DJs- it’s an art.


One of the many reasons people attend music festivals or enter clubs is to socialize. Socializing and raving pretty much go hand in hand, and it’s easy to understand why; interacting with other people is a basic human need, after all. In a club or music festival, you will find people who are part of the same “tribe”, strangers you have common ground with. And with a boosted mood brought to them by the music, people love to interact and meet new folks to share memories with.

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